SWHA Coaching Staff – 2020-21

Our coaches, head and assistants, have extensive experience in the game of ice hockey. Several have played at a very high level, including prep school, NCAA and minor pro.

COMING SOONU8 Mite Development - Head Coach
Troy Dutton
Troy DuttonU10 Select - Head Coach
Matt Courchesne
Matt CourchesneU10 Elite - Head Coach
Justin Cooper
Justin CooperU12 Select - Head Coach
Bryan Rinko
Bryan RinkoU12 Elite - Head Coach
Sean Cleary
Sean ClearyU14 Select - Head Coach
Micaela Keogh
Micaela KeoghU14 Elite - Head Coach
Kathie Babine
Kathie BabineU16 Elite - Head Coach
COMING SOONU16/19 Select - Head Coach
Geoff Youngclaus
Geoff YoungclausU19 Elite - Head Coach